Kumar is originally from Havana, Cuba.

AFRIKUN consists of the Cuban trumpet player and composer Daniel “el congo” Allen Oberto,
Saxophonist Player Regis “KinRe” Molina and the MPC player & Rapper Kumar Mate.

Their “acoustic” objective roots within the idea of combining the tradicional Afrocuban folk music with modern urban-electronic elements,
while at the same time preserving the origins and the power of each component.
The Trio El congo, KinRe and Kumar have intiated this adventure years ago and are now ready to present it to the public.


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Kumar is originally from Havana, Cuba. He starts his career in 1998
writing and singing his own Hip Hop and advancing into producing Rap.
In July of 2004 along with Telmary Dias and back up from the Qvalibre
band he records “No se vuleve atrás”. The song is included in the
soundtrack of the movie “Habana Blues” by director Benito Zambrano .
The soundtrack for the movie wins a Goya award for the best soundtrack
of that year. Kumar also participates in the project with a secondary actor
on the film.

In October of 2004 he is nominated for the “Premios Lucas” (Cuban
video clip festival) with his song “Ves”. It features Telmary and it
received 3 nominations.
In April of 2005 he collaborates with the Spanish group Ojos de Brujo and
records the song “Rompe Cadenas”. The song features Roberto
Carcasses (piano) and Yusa (base) and is recorded in the Abdala studios.
In May of 2005 along with X Alfonso he opens for the American rock banc
“Audio Slave”, and two months later tours Italy and Spain with X Alfonso
with a great turn out for the shows.
In March of 2006 he is nominated for the Cuerda Viva prizes. He wins the
“Best Rap/Hip Hop Demo” and the “Audience Award” categories.
In 2007 he moves to Spain and finishes mixing his album “Película de
Barrio” under the independent label Diquela Records/Universal.
Release: 17th of February 2009. The album features the collaboration
of many excellent Cuban musicians and the Spanish group Ojos de Brujo
among others.



In ihren faltenlosen Anzügen können die Swingers gewandt zwischen den Gästen auftreten, aber auch auf einer Bühne kommen sie wunderbar zur Geltung. Dies, kombiniert mit ihrer gepflegten, intelligenten und charmanten Ausstrahlung, sorgt dafür dass sie von Musikliebhabern jeder Alterskategorie bewundert werden. Die anwesenden Gäste werden Sie bestimmt für Ihre Wahl rühmen..

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Fusion 2012, Berlin

Sala Sol - Madrid, Spain
Sala Sidecar - Barcelona, Spain
Sala Apolo 2 - Barcelona, Spain
Sala Vivero - Málaga, Spain
Fiesta de la Primavera - Cádiz, Spain
Museo de Arquitectura - Estocolmo, Sweden
Festimad - Madrid, Spain
Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland
Urban Cuban Groove Tour - Ibiza, Spain
Boom Festival - Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
Festival de Música Mestiza - La Rioja, Spain
Festival La Mercé - Barcelona, Spain
MMVV - Vic, Spain
Havana Cultura Festival - Toronto, Canada
Sala Malandar – Sevilla, Spain
Alma de Cuba - Liverpool - England
La Floredita - Leeds, England
Cassiopeia - Berlin, Germany
Sala Café Club - Ceuta, Spain
Pure Zone Festival - Puerto Real, Spain
El Cartero - Conil, Spain
Stavlos - Atenas, Greece
Worldwide Awards, Cargo - London, England
Mestizao Festival - Granada, Spain
Sala Café Palma - Madrid, Spain
Sala Boogaclub - Granada, Spain
Sala Woodstock - Cádiz, Spain
Babel Med Music - Marseille, France
WDR Funkhaus Europa Party, Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany
Dunya Festival, Rótterdam, Holland






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