Pervi Perverson


Pervi Perverson is simply the worst band that ever touched the ground of earth.
Founded in 2010 by Bam Bam Stan while working out in a gym, Pervi fast made its
name in the underground scene. A new sound, a fresh appearance and a crazy show
is what separates Pervi from all the rest out there.

Already the second song "Everbody loves Youporn" got clicked over 700.000 times
on Youtube. The follow ups "Praise your fat ass" and "Megan Fox sucks cocks" were web hits as well.

But the greatest thing about Pervi is that you will never be able to know what they come up
with next. From Rock to Electromusic, Pervi just rocks that shit!

To conclude:
Pervi sucks! But with style!


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Pervi Perverson ist einfach die schlechteste Band, die jemals den Boden der Erde berührte hat.
Gegründet in 2010 von Bam Bam Stan beim Training in einem Fitnessstudio.
Pervi hat schnell seinen Namen in der Underground-Szene gemacht.
Ein neuer Sound, ein frisches Aussehen und eine verrückte Showist das,
was Pervi von allen übrigen da draußen trennt.

Bereits der zweite Song " Everbody loves Youporn " wurde über 700.000 Mal auf Youtube angeklickt.

The follow ups "Praise your fat ass" and "Megan Fox sucks cocks" wurden genauso Web-Hits.


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